Toronto Film Festival Wrap-Up

Today was the final day of the Toronto Film Festival. I’m sorry for not posting my final volunteer log, but since my final shift nearly consisted entirely of tearing tickets, there was nothing much to write anyway. So, what about the films I saw this year? Well, I already spoke about “The Dog Problem,” last Monday. On Thursday night I went to the premiere screening of the documentary “…So Goes the Nation,” which was about the 2004 US Presidential Election and, more specifically, how the votes in Ohio were the deciding factor. Today involved three festival firsts for me: It officially made this year the first year I saw more than two films, it was the first day I saw more than one film in a day, and it featured my first film in the infamous “Midnight Madness” programme. First up today was “Love and Other Disasters” staring Britney Murphy, which was a romantic comedy that both acknowledged and tried to avoid the clichés of the genre. This made for a very enjoyable movie, especially a hilarious cameo by two big name actors towards the end of the film. Second was the “Midnight Madness” film “Severence.” This British horror-comedy was billed in the description as “The Office meets Deliverance.” The plot itself is a horror film, but elements such as character reactions, playing around with clichés, and even the music made this film very funny. This was definitely a great way for me to finish the festival. So, another film festival has come to an end and it was definitely my best festival experience in the four years I’ve been attending. Hopefully next year will be even better.

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