Trailer Thoughts: Max Payne

This week will be looking at the trailer for the latest video game adaption.

Max Payne

I’m a fan of the original Max Payne video game, so the prospect of a movie intrigues me. However, there are also a few iffy things with the film. First of all, it is a little hard for me to grasp Mark Wahlberg as the title character, especially with his narration (it doesn’t sound natural).

Also there are the darn valkyrines/angel creatures. From what I remember the game was noir style game with John Woo-inspired action. There was no supernatural element to the game (other than the fact that the first boss was involved in the occult). The only guess I can give is that these creatres have something to do with the drug Valkyr, which plays a big part in the big (hallucination perhaps).

I won’t talk about the fact that the director is pushing for a PG-13 rating.

Either way, the film opens next month and I will probably give it a watch.

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