Classic Thoughts: The Shining

So, here is the the final of my horror-themed Classic Thoughts and, like yesterday, it is an adaptation of a Stephen King novel (probably the most famous of which).

I previously read the novel a few years ago and I found that the film is quite different.

The film seemed to emphasize more on Jack Torrence’s decent into madness rather than the fact that the hotel is haunted (it probably didn’t help that Jack Nicholson already seemed crazy).

Stephen King has been known to show his displeasure with the film (an introduction in my copy of the novel states that King and Stanley Kubrick came to different conclusions about the reasons for Jack’s madness).

However, the film still had a great climax and it probably helped bring up my enjoyment of the film a bit. Though, in the end, I still have to say that I prefer the novel.


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