DVD Thoughts: Pineapple Express – 2-Disc Unrated Special Edition

It’s my first big DVD purchase of the year and Judd Apatow productions usually have decent releases (especially with the two disc version).

The first disc of the set includes both the theatrical and extended editions of the film. According to the back of the box, the difference between the two version is only five minutes and never really noticed much that was different in the extended version.

The special features on the first disc is limited to four extended/alternate scenes, a gag real, and a making of documentary.

The second disc includes more deleted and extended scenes (though not as many as I hoped), the Line-O-Rama (which is now standard on Apatow DVDs), the Direct-O-Rama (which is similar to Line-o-Rama, except it involved inprovised directing), a few more documentaries, the comic-con panel and series of vingettes featuring characters from the movie (my favourite).

Overall, I thought it was a decent set, though it was not as jam packed as other Apatow releases, such as Superbad or Knocked-Up.

Sean Kelly Author

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