Movies of the Moment: February 2009

January was a very slow month to the point that I only saw two new films. Things start to pick up this month, with quite a few films I’m interested in seeing.

Feature Film February 2009
Friday the 13th – February 13
This film marks the first appearance of Jason Voorhees since Freddy Vs Jason in 2003 and is a reboot for the franchise (I say reboot instead of remake, since the film doesn’t seem to be following the plot of the original). I hope to catch up on a few of the original films before seeing this film right on the actual Friday the 13th (the only proper time to see it).

Other Picks for the Month

The Pink Panther 2 – February 6
I’m more confident about seeing Steve Martin’s second go around as Jacques Clouseau than I was for the first film. I’m expecting this to just as funny as the first film (I hope).

Coraline – February 6
In a world full of CGI films, it is great when a stop motion film, directed by the great Henry Selick, shows up. I will definitely find time for this film (and I’ll make sure to see it in 3D as well).

May Check Out

Fanboys – February 6
I remember seeing a trailer for this long-delayed film years ago. I’m sure this week be a geeky film and if I find time, I’ll give it a look.

The International – February 13
This looks to be a decent thriller staring Clive Owen. I might see it later in the month, when the choice of films thins out a bit.

Not Interested

Madea Goes to Jail – February 20
I don’t really see Tyler Perry’s box office appear. Maybe I should give one of his films’s a look, but not in theatres.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li – February 27
As I said in my recent trailer thoughts on the film, I think going for a more realistic approach instead of remaining faithful to the game has alienated me enough that I will just skip the film (may check it out on DVD though).

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