Oscar 2009 Wrap-Up

This year Slumdog Millionaire had the expected sweep and I was correct in 14 out of 24 of my predictions (which is at least better than last year).

Time for my final thoughts.

Best Picture
My Prediction and Winner: Slumdog Millionaire
Final Thoughts: From winning People’s Choice at the Toronto Film Festival to this, it has truly been a Cinderella story for this film.

Best Actor
My Prediction: Mickey Rourke
Winner: Sean Penn
Final Thoughts: I was at least glad Penn gave a shout-out to Rourke in his speech.

Best Actress
My Prediction and Winner: Kate Winslet
Final Thoughts: The award still should have been for Revolutionary Road

Best Supporting Actor
My Prediction and Winner: Heath Ledger
Final Thoughts: The second posthumous Oscar ever (and I think it’s the first acting award for a genre film).

Best Supporting Actress
My Prediction: Marisa Tomei
Winner: Penelope Cruz
Final Thoughts: It was going to be one or the other

Best Director
My Prediction and Winner: Danny Boyle
Final Thoughts: Who would have thought the guy that directed Trainspotting and 28 Days Later would go on to win as Oscar?

Best Original Screenplay
My Prediction: Happy-Go-Lucky
Winner: Milk
Final Thoughts: I guess my prediction was wishing thinking more than anything

Best Adapted Screenplay
My Prediction and Winner: Slumdog Millionaire
Final Thoughts: I believe this was the beginning of the sweep.

Best Animated Film
My Prediction and Winner: Wall-E
Final Thoughts: There will probably never again be a film like this one.

Well that’s my wrap up. As always, you can see the read of the winners over at the Oscar website.

Until next year.

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