DVD Thoughts: Watchmen Director’s Cut – 2 Disc Special Edition

In my last DVD review, I complained about the Blu-Ray release having exclusive features that you can’t get on the standard review. That is somewhat the case with Watchmen, though I can’t say that I was disappointed with this standard version.

The main highlight is that the film is 24 minutes than the theatrical release of the film, making the running time around 3h6m.

I can say that I never felt bogged down by the extra length of the film and I didn’t start noticing new scenes until an hour in. I never read the graphic novel, however I can probably say that the extra scenes helped make the film a more complete story.

In what is a growing rarity these days, the second disc is actually used for the special features (along with the digital copy). The features include a 28 minute featurette about the phenomenon of the graphic novel, eleven 3-5 minute video journals, and a My Chemical Romance music video. I can say that this was a decent amount of features, even though the Blu-Ray version has two additional featurettes and a video commentary/interactive features.

In the end, even though it’s missing some of the Blu-Ray features (though I don’t really like the idea of video commentaries — too distracting), I can say that I was happy with DVD release of Watchmen.

Sean Kelly Author

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