TIFF09: Recruitment Becomes Orientation

Today was my returning volunteer orientation session.

Up until this year, they were known as recruitment sessions, however now they have an online volunteer hub set-up, where I RSVPed for the session I wanted to attend.

Being a returning volunteer, I had automatic access to the session, while new volunteers have to be invited to their sessions (I almost feel sorry for them — since the online registration has created greater competition for the volunteer spots).

Anyways, the session was much more low-key than previous years. Instead of signing up for shifts, I just gave two choices about where I want to volunteer and I will pick the shifts online at a later time.

Once again, my venue of choice is the Varsity theatre. My first choice was to become a volunteer captain at the theatre, with the second choice being a normal volunteer. I have to wait and see whether I will be chosen to be a captain, though in addition to my application form, I sent an e-mail with an official inquiry to make sure I’m under consideration.

Hopefully everything will end up just fine.
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