TIFF09: Back to Basics

Last year, I really thought I finished on a high note as a normal volunteer and I was ready to move up and become a captain.

Sadly those captain ambitions never turned out and I was back in the peon role for my fourth year as a volunteer.

It is probably fitting that this ended up being a non-eventful shift.

I only ended up having two tasks during the whole shift, the longest one being at a P&I screening of the film Ajami. I have to say the most eventful moment of the whole day was when I had a brief confrontation with a patron, who were complaining how the re-admittance slips (little paper tokens that keep track of who is temporarily out of the theatre) are unsanitary.

This was the earliest shift I ever had at the festival (I usually start on the Saturday) and it also had one of my earliest sign-outs (45 minute before the end). Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting.

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