Report: Videodrome at Cinemateque

So, on Thursday night I checked out a screening of David Cronenberg’s film Videodrome at TIFF Cinemateque, which was the final screening of the “Toronto on Film” programme.

Cronenberg was in attendance to introduce the film and it was definitely a neat experience seeing him in person, especially since a few months ago I had taken a course on his films.

Following the jump, I will give my thoughts on the film itself.

Classic Thoughts: Videodrome
This was one of the few of Cronenberg’s films that were not shown in the class, so I though that it was a great experience to finally see it.

The film stars James Woods as a TV executive, who is always on the look for edgy programming.  In terms of Toronto, Wood’s station is supposed to represent the way CityTV was when it was first starting.

This film is considered to be Cronenberg’s first “mainstream” film as it included more well know individuals such as James Woods and Deborah Harry from the band Blondie.

However, even though the stars were getting better, the film still had the shocking body horror that Cronenberg is known for.

It was a pretty intriguing sci-fi/horror and I am glad I had a chance to check it out.


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