Golden Globes Wrap-up

This was definitely a tough Golden Globes to predict, though for the record I got 6 out of 14 of my predictions, which was better than last year.

This year my wrap-up will be a little different.  Last night, I made various Twitter comments during the ceremony, so I thought it would be best to just post all those right here (following the jump).

For the record, I agree that Avatar is a very good film, though not necessarily the best film. #goldenglobes
January-17-10 10:59 PM

seanpkelly82: 6 out of 14 predictions correct.  Bit of an off year (hopefully Oscars will go better) #goldenglobes
January-17-10 10:58 PM

seanpkelly82: And Best Picture (drama) goes too………..Avatar. No surprise here (even though I didn’t predict it). #goldenglobes
January-17-10 10:57 PM

seanpkelly82: Jeff Bridges wins Best Actor Drama.  So much for Firth’s Venice headstart. 6-7 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 10:48 PM

seanpkelly82: Half my predictions correct.  With the final two awards will I end up over or under 50%? #goldenglobes
January-17-10 10:44 PM

seanpkelly82: Downey wins for Sherlock.  (Best Actor comedy/musical) 6-6 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 10:40 PM

seanpkelly82: Sandra Bullock wins Best Actress Drama.  Interesting. 5-6 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 10:37 PM

seanpkelly82: THE HANGOVER WON!!!!!!! (best comedy/musical) 5-5 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 10:27 PM

seanpkelly82: James Cameron. Best Director. 4-5 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 10:16 PM

seanpkelly82: As expected Christoph Waltz wins Best Supporting Actor. 3-5 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 9:51 PM

seanpkelly82: White Ribben wins Best Foreign film.  Such a hard category to predict. 2-5 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 9:36 PM

seanpkelly82: I never predicted it, but Up in the Air is a deserving winner for Best Screenplay.  2-4 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 9:25 PM

seanpkelly82: I guess Meryl Streep’s two nominations for Best Actress Comedy/Musical didn’t cancel each other out. 2-3 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 9:03 PM

seanpkelly82: Up wins Best Score (never saw that one coming). 2-2 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 8:49 PM

seanpkelly82: Weary Kind won best song (should have picked that one) 2-1 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 8:47 PM

seanpkelly82: Wow, two wins for Dexter.  Nice. #goldenglobes
January-17-10 8:34 PM

seanpkelly82: Up wins Best Animated Film.  They should just give Pixar the award and forget the nominations. 2-0 #goldenglobes
January-17-10 8:23 PM

seanpkelly82: John Lithgow definitely deserved his Dexter win. #goldenglobes
January-17-10 8:18 PM

seanpkelly82: Mo-Nique wins Best Supporting Actress 1-0 in my predictions. #goldenglobes
January-17-10 8:07 PM

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