Oscar 2010 Wrap-Up

Well The Hurt Locker came out on top tonight as both Best Picture and winner of the most awards.

I matched my 14 correct predictions from last year, with most of them coming in the second half of the broadcast.

One thing I think I should comment on is that I think the Academy made some questionable time-saving decisions (no best song performances, cutting off lesser winners) while at the same time having lengthy testimonials for the acting nominees and some sort of interpretive dance routine for the Best Score nominees.  I think they should rethink things for next year.

Anyways, like the Golden Globes, I am now going to post the transcript of the Twitter posts I made throughout the night.  Enjoy.

seanpkelly82: Bullock, Bigelow, and Hurt Locker wins. My final tally is 14-10. Not bad. #oscars
March-08-10 12:05 AM

seanpkelly82: THE DUDE WINS! #oscars
March-07-10 11:37 PM

seanpkelly82: I smartened up and picked The White Ribbon for Best Foreign Film and it didn’t win. *shrug* 10-10 #oscars
March-07-10 11:21 PM

seanpkelly82: So, they’ll have interpretive dance for the score nominees, but no song performances.  I don’t get the way the Academy thinks. 8-9 #oscars
March-07-10 11:00 PM

seanpkelly82: It doesn’t really feel right that Avatar would win Best Cinematography when most of the imagery is computer-generated. 7-8 #oscars
March-07-10 10:42 PM

seanpkelly82: I have to say, the Twilight films have NO PLACE in a horror film montage! Also, I’m currently at 7-7 (should get better) #oscars
March-07-10 10:32 PM

seanpkelly82: The screenplay award for Precious surprised me, the acting award didn’t. 5-5 #oscars
March-07-10 10:03 PM

seanpkelly82: Totally blew the short film awards, but Best Make-Up made up for it (BTW Ben Stiller was hilarious in that Na’vi suit) 4-4 #oscars
March-07-10 9:46 PM

seanpkelly82: That John Hughes tribute brought back memories (and I’m now 3-1) #oscars
March-07-10 9:26 PM

seanpkelly82: I’m currently 3-0 in my predictions.  Good start. #oscars
March-07-10 9:08 PM

seanpkelly82: Almost Oscar time! #oscars
March-07-10 8:20 PM

seanpkelly82: Oscar night will never be the same without the Barbara Walters Special.  Oh well.  Half an hour until show time! #oscars
March-07-10 7:56 PM

seanpkelly82: Moving to the HDTV.  I’ll return to my computer for Oscar updates every once and a while. #oscars
March-07-10 7:14 PM

seanpkelly82: I’ve had it with Ben Mulroney and I’ve now changed the channel to the (final) Barbara Walters Special. #oscars
March-07-10 6:59 PM

seanpkelly82: *Sigh* eTalk is so lame. #oscars
March-07-10 6:49 PM

seanpkelly82: It would have been funny if it was also raining during the Oscar red carpet, like it was during the Golden Globes #oscars
March-07-10 6:44 PM

seanpkelly82: I have to settle with watching the red carpet in my room, while my brother plays videogames on the HDTV. #oscars
March-07-10 6:38 PM

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