My Thoughts on Green Lantern

Two days late, but better than never.

With Marvel comics getting most of the attention during the last few year, we finally see a new DC comics movie for a character not named Batman or Superman.

I am not a big comics reader, so I was only ever had a mild knowledge of the Green Lantern.  He definitely seems to be a much more sci-fi oriented character than most of the DC comics heroes.

I thought that the film was decent for the most part.  If there was a major complaint I would give to it, it’s that it concentrates a bit too much on being an origin film and there isn’t really any major action scenes until close to the end.

Also, I didn’t really notice the 3D effects of the film, which is not a good sign about the longevity of that format.

While Green Lantern may end up being a DC blip in a Marvel-filled summer, it was still somewhat enjoyable.


Sean Kelly Author

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