Trailer Thoughts: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

The first trailer is now out for the third film in the stoner comedy series.  This time with a Christmas theme (and it’s in 3D).

I have to say that I found the previous two Harold and Kumar films funny enough that I would be interested in seeing a third film.  The fact that the film takes place during the holidays just makes everything more absurd and the movie seems to feature everything from Santa Claus, to Jesus, to claymation.

The film is also being advertised as being in 3D.  While I have been starting to be more picky choosy about the films I see in 3D, it is very apparent here that the film uses way over-the-top and gimmicky 3D effects and I am pretty sure that I will seem this film in the format.

Despite the title, the film opens more than a month before Christmas on November 4.  Should be a good one.

Sean Kelly Author

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