Busy Film Schedule for “Halloweek”

The Rue Morgue-designed
poster for the Fright Nights
series at Bell Lightbox.

Halloween is this upcoming Monday and it has been a growing tradition of mine to go out and see a horror film on the day.  I initially feared this would not be the case this year, since I had already seen the only new horror films that were opening in October – The Thing and Paranormal Activity 3.

However, as it turns out, starting tonight, I am going to be quite busy with horror films and events in the days leading up to Halloween, to the point that I dubbed the week “Halloweek.”

First, I will be seeing a couple films at the Toronto After Dark film festival.  While I initially only planned to see one additional film at the festival (after last week’s opening film Monster Brawl), I bought a last minute ticket to the closing film The Innkeepers, which is probably the film I’m most looking forward to seeing at Toronto After Dark.

In addition to Toronto After Dark, the TIFF Bell Lightbox will have some special Halloween programming over the course of the weekend.  Tomorrow night, I will be attending “In Conversion with…Guillermo del Toro,” which will kick off a “Fright Nights” series of various horror films, programmed by the Mexican director.  I would love to check out some of those films (especially del Toro’s own film The Devil’s Backbone), though sadly I have prior commitments during many of those screenings.  However, I will be going to the Lightbox to check out Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange on Friday, as well as a special Halloween night screening of the original My Bloody Valentine, which will have director George Mihalka in attendance for a Q&A.

Here is my full “Halloweek” Film Schedule:
Wednesday October 26, 2011
9:45pm – VS – Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Thursday October 27, 2011
7:00pm – In Conversation with…Guillermo del Toro – TIFF Bell Lightbox
9:45pm – The Innkeepers – Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Friday October 28, 2011
9:00pm – A Clockwork Orange – TIFF Bell Lightbox

Monday October 31, 2011
6:30pm – My Bloody Valentine – TIFF Bell Lightbox

In addition to theatrical screenings, anyone who has been following me on Twitter would know about my “October Horror Fest,” an annual tradition of sorts in which I watch the various horror films I own on DVD over the course of the month (this year I added a couple Netflix films to the mix).  Just for fun, here is this year’s list, which includes my planned closing films:

  1. Oct 3 – The Monster Squad
  2. Oct 5 – Scream 4
  3. Oct 6 – The Frighteners*
  4. Oct 8 – From Dusk Till Dawn
  5. Oct 10 – The Strangers
  6. Oct 12 – Splice
  7. Oct 15 – Paranormal Activity
  8. Oct 17 – Paranormal Activity 2
  9. Oct 20 – Suck
  10. Oct 28 – Trick ‘r Treat**
  11. Oct 31 – Halloween
*Was originally going to be the 1988 version of The Blob, but a Netflix error resulted in me switching films.
**I’ll also watch Attack the Block (in a double feature) if I buy the film on time.
As you can see, I’ll definitely be most busy this Halloweek!
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