Hot Docs 2012: My Thoughts on My Name is Faith

My Name is Faith is about a girl named Faith, who suffers from what is called Attachment Disorder.  As a very young child, she suffered from the neglect of her birth mother and, as a result, she is unable to trust her new adoptive parents.

The film follows Faith as she goes to a camp for kids with Attachment Disorder in order to attempt to become a more normal and trusting child.

Some of early interviews with Faith and other kids with Attachment Disorder were a little hard to watch, since we had these cute kids essentially describing sociopathic behaviors that they have either done or have thought about doing.  At one point of the film, Charles Manson was used as a point of comparison for a case of someone with attachment issues, who ended up a sociopath.

Thankfully, the negative aspects of Attachment Disorder doesn’t remain the focus point for long and instead the film focuses on Faith’s journey to become a better person.  It was definitely a heartwarming documentary that proves the Beatles song right in that All You Need is Love.


Sean Kelly Author

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