Interesting Developments in the Saga of the Humber Cinema

Before I move onto about a half dozen posts about last weekend’s Shindesai Cinema Festival, I thought I would chime in on an interesting development in the saga of my local cinema the Humber.

As you may know from my many posts, the Humber was reopened last year, by Kingsway Cinema manager Rui Pereira, after being left to rot for eight years after Cineplex Odeon abandoned the theatre in 2003.

Despite a bumpy ride, including a brief re-closing last fall, the Humber has slowly started to regain its footing and I have been going to the cinema regularly this summer to major releases, such as Men in Black III, Prometheus, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

However, last weekend a message popped up on the Kingsway Movies website:

Effective today 14 July 2012 the Humber Cinema is now closed. Thank You for your patronage.

Anyone with tickets for the midnight show of “The Dark Knight Rises” – please bring your tickets to

the Kingsway Theatre for a full refund.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It seemed like the Humber Cinema has once again closed its doors and I was ready to permanently mourn the loss of the cinema.

However, it’s not as simple as that….

A website has popped up claiming that the Humber Cinema is still open, albeit under new management.  They are claiming the Rui Pereira is trying to defer everyone to the Kingsway, which is why he is claiming that the Humber is closed.

As much as I would like for the Humber to still be open, I have to remain sceptical until I see it for myself.  This new Humber website is quite vague and simple and doesn’t even list pricing or showtimes (though there are a number of coupons).  Until I have a chance to scope the Humber out for myself, I am taking this news with a grain of salt.

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