NXNE 2014: Whoops!

Whoops This dark British comedy focuses on the couple of Rose and Dave Clements (Elaine Glover and Philip Rowson).  Rose is an immensely clumsy woman and has the grisly habit of accidentally murdering people she comes into contact with, often leaving her stressed out husband Dave to clean up the mess.  Even though Rose and Dave try to continue to live a normal life, things start to get complicated as the police begin to clue in to Rose’s murderous ways. Whoops! has a very simple, yet effective premise of a seemingly normal woman, who just happens to have the habit of accidentally murdering the people around her.  While Rose is genuinely appalled by these grisly killings, the film also takes the time to hint that these murders may be more the result of subconscious homicidal desires, rather than being pure accidents.  Dave is tasked with disposing of the bodies and becomes increasingly stressed out by his wife’s murderous tendencies.  However, at the same time, he is reluctant to allow Rose to turn herself in, even though she fears that she will do more harm if she doesn’t. Despite its dark subject matter, Whoops! is a fairly light-hearted film, which is quite enjoyable to watch.  While the deaths in the film are quite gory, they are also obviously played more for laughs than shock value. In addition, despite being a budding serial killer, Rose remains a likeable and sympathetic character throughout the film.  Altogether, Whoops! is fairly entertaining dark comedy. 8 | LIKED IT Screenings:

  • Saturday June 14, 12:30 PM – Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
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