Reel Asian 2014: Award Winners

reelasian2014 At an award’s ceremony on Sunday, November 9, the award winners of juried feature and short film prizes for the 2014 edition of the Reel Asian Film Festival were announced:

  • The Fasken Martineau Best Feature Film or Video Award went to Manshin: The Thousand Spirits.
  • The CHCH Best Canadian Film or Video Award went to 90Days
  • The National Bank Best First Feature Film Award went to Fandry
  • The Animation Award went to Rainy Days
  • The Air Canada Best Short Film or Video Award went to 90Days, Woman in Fragments, The Home Promised, The Busy Young Psychic, and Mooncake
  • The WIFT-T Award went to 100 Crushes: The Tie

Still to be announced is the Menkes Audience Award, which will be announced following the completion of the festival on Tuesday, November 18.

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