Hot Docs 2015: Listen to Me Marlon

listen_to_me_marlon Previously unreleased recordings of Marlon Brando narrate the story of his career in Listen to Me Marlon.  Throughout his lifetime, Marlon Brando kept an archive of over 200 hours of personal audio recordings.  These recordings are used to get inside the notoriously reclusive actor’s head, as he provides a reflection on his career, as well as his intimate thoughts, recollections and insights. Marlon Brando was one of the most acclaimed actors of his time, but he was also one of the most enigmatic.  He hated the publicity that came with the acting profession and he tried his best to keep himself reclusive.  Becoming an actor by accident, Brando did not fully understand the acclaim for his performances, since he just considered acting to be “lying for a living.”  However, he also states that actors make a contribution to people’s lives.  For all the acclaim Brando received during his career, including two Oscars for Best Actor, there were also moments of tragedy, which forced the reclusive actor into the spotlight. Listen to Me Brando consists nearly entirely of archival footage, narrated by Brando’s archived recordings.  The result is quite seamless and it really seems like it’s truly Brando narrating his own life story.  The film also brings Brando back to life somewhat with a CGI head, based on a digital scan made in the 1980s, which becomes the physical manifestation of Brando’s narrating.  The film is actually quite educational, since I learned aspects of Brando’s life and career, which I was not previously aware of.  It is said that Marlon Brando’s impact will still be felt 500 years from now and Listen to Me Marlon is a well done document of that great career. ★ ★ ★ ★ | LIKED IT Screenings

  • Sun, Apr 26, 9:45 PM – Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
  • Tue, Apr 28, 2:15 PM – Isabel Bader Theatre
  • Fri, May 1, 10:30 AM – Isabel Bader Theatre
  • Sun, May 3, 6:45 PM – The Regent

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