Reel Asian 2015: Two Thumbs Up

A gangster and his crew team up for one last heist in Two Thumbs Up. Lucifer, aka Big F (Francis Ng) has just got out of prison and brings back together his crew of bowling alley employee Crazy B (Simon Yam), back-alley hairstylist Johnny T (Patrick Tam) and mechanic East L (Mark Cheng) and they all come up with a plan that involves converting an minibus into a police Emergency Unit van and stealing a body that is stuffed with money. However, it seems that there was another gang of robbers that had the same idea and two groups end up getting into each other’s way.

Two Thumbs Up is a Hong Kong action crime comedy, featuring an all star cast of actors, including Francis Ng, Simon Yam and Patrick Tam. The film involves a very elaborate heist scheme enacted by a gang that’s not the most competent. This becomes quite apparent when they come across a second gang of robbers equipped with AK-47s, who happen to have to exact same idea. All the while, the criminal activity is being tracked by the young cop Tsui (Leo Ku).

When it comes down to it, Two Thumbs Up is not much more than a goofy and over-the-top heist comedy. However, there is still a certain charm to the film and even a little heart. Each of the central four characters end up having their own individual character arcs and the film really ends up being about the comradery among this group of misfits. Of course, the film probably could have used a better title than Two Thumbs Up, the meaning of which seems a little shoehorned into the film.

8 / 10 stars


  • Saturday, November 14, 7:00 PM – Silvercity Richmond Hill

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