Golden Globes Wrap-Up

It has been a rough few days for me personally, so I had decided to forego making predictions for last night’s Golden Globes Awards. It ultimately turned out that I wouldn’t be able to watch the ceremony anyways, since my neighborhood experienced a blackout, which lasted well into the night.

Anyways the big winner of the night was The Revenant, including awards for Best Picture – Drama and Best Actor – Drama for Leonardo DiCaprio. I saw the film a few days ago, however I have yet to get around to writing about The Revenant, though I would expect a review to be up by tomorrow.

Some of the other highlights of the Golden Globes include The Martian winning Best Picture Comedy/Musical (even though it’s neither), Brie Larson winning Best Actress – Drama for Room, Sylvester Stallone winning Best Supporting Actor for Creed and Kate Winslet winning Best Supporting Actress for Steve Jobs.

The Oscar nominations will be announced in a few days, so it will be interesting to see how many of these awards with correlate with the big show.

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