Fantasia 2016: Nova Seed

This review was originally published as part of my coverage of WTFilm Fest 2016

A reluctant hero sets out to stop the plans of a mad doctor in Nova Seed. Underneath the ruins of a dying planet, the evil Doctor Mindskull has created the ultimate weapon in the form of a girl named Nova Seed, who is able to cause vegetation to grow anywhere she comes into contact. A Neo Animal Commando is recruited from the gladiator pits to stop Doctor Mindskull’s plans at all costs.

Nova Seed is an animated sci-fi tale that is the result of four years of hard work by Japan-based Canadian animator Nick DiLiberto. DiLiberto drew every frame of this 64 minute film by hand over a four year period. With that in mind, the end result of the film is quite impressive. Sure the plot of the film is rather typical, with a protagonist that doesn’t utter a word, however that doesn’t make Nova Seed any less of an achievement.

Nova Seed is still a little rough around the edges, with the film having a work-in-progress sound mix, with many of the sound effects having been verbally done by DiLiberto himself. While the film is due to be remastered by Toronto studio House of Cool, Nova Seed is still quite coherent in its current form and the verbal sound effects adds a certain charm. Altogether, Nova Seed is a solid effort for an animated sci-fi adventure done by one man.



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