TADFF16: I Am Not a Serial Killer

A young man is concerned about his sociopathic behaviour as a serial killer torments his small town in I Am Not a Serial Killer. John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records) is the son of a mortician, who is concerned that he is destined to become a serial killer. John tries his best to maintain a normal life, which includes exchanging pleasantries with his elderly neighbour Mr. Crowley (Christopher Lloyd). However, when a serial killer begins terrorizing the town, John’s curiosity begins to send him down a dark path.

I Am Not a Serial Killer is an adaptation of the 2009 novel of the same name by Dan Wells. At the centre of the story is John Wayne Cleaver, a young man who is medically diagnosed as a sociopath, but is assured by his therapist Dr. Neblin (Karl Geary) that it doesn’t necessarily mean John will become a serial killer. However, the killings that begin tormenting the town end up both scaring and intriguing John, as he begins to wonder what goes on in the mind of a serial killer.

I Am Not a Serial Killer is a film best seen knowing as little as possible about it, since the film features a few surprising twists and turns. While some of these twists are easy to predict, there are some plot developments late in the film that caught me off guard. I Am Not a Serial Killer features a great supporting performance by Christopher Lloyd, who is in fine form in the film. While there are some unresolved subplots, such as John’s interactions with possible romantic interest Brooke (Lucy Lawton), I Am Not a Serial Killer still a well done and tense thriller.

8 / 10 stars
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