Canadian Film Fest 2017: Edging

Friends at a housewarming party talk about their lives an relationships in Edging. Jordan (Shomari Downer) has bought himself a house and is hosting a house party for himself. Among the guests at the party include close friends Rachel (Paula Brancati) and Nick (Andy McQueen), co-workers Crossland (Aidan Shipley) and Christopher (Giacomo Gianniotti), as well as Bree (Parveen Kaur), a girl Jordan has been dating. During the party, the friends find themselves in the garage talking about the state of their life.

Natty Zavitz (Degrassi: The Next Generation) makes his feature length directorial debut with the “quarter life crisis” film Edging. Jordan is at a crossroads of his life, as he is still getting over the breakup with his longtime girlfriend. While purchasing a house is a major step forward with his life, he is afraid to make any leaps when it comes to his relationships. Conversations with his friends tries to guy him through this period of his life.

Edging is a film that might as well be called “a series of conversations in a garage.” The garage of Jordan’s house is the stationary setting for much of the film, as different combinations of the central characters have lengthy conversation. The garage setting is so central to Edging that it is almost jarring when the plot moves back to the party, especially the subplot involving Crossland and Christopher, who seem to be in their own separate movie. While a film made up entirely of garage conversations sounds monogamous, Edging does tackle some real life issues faced by those trying to fully move on into adulthood.

8 / 10 stars


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