Blindspot: Canada 150: Roadkill

This month I watched 1989’s Roadkill, which is one of the earliest films from “Toronto New Wave” director Bruce McDonald. After rock band Children of Paradise disappear while on tour, promoter Roy Seth (Gerry Quigley) sends intern Ramona (Valerie Buhagiar) to track them down in Sudbury. However, Ramona soon loses track of the band and has to […]

Blindspot 2017: Canada 150: Bollywood/Hollywood

It’s a bit of a lighthearted pick for me this month, as I chose to watch Deepa Mehta’s 2002 Indo-Canadian romantic comedy Bollywood/Hollywood. Rahul Seth (Rahul Khanna) is a rich Indian man in Toronto, who is essentially blackmailed by his family to find an Indian girl to marry, or else his younger sister Twinky (Rishma Malik) can’t go through […]

Blindspot 2017: Canada 150: C.R.A.Z.Y.

With it being Pride Month in Canada, culminating with this weekend’s Toronto Pride Parade, I figured that an appropriate selection for this month’s Blindspot would be Jean-Marc Vallée’s 2005 breakthrough film C.R.A.Z.Y. Born on Christmas Day to conservative Christian parents Gervais (Michel Côté) and Laurianne (Danielle Proulx), Zachary Beaulieu (Marc-André Grondin) is the second youngest of a family of […]

Blindspot 2017: Canada 150: M. Butterfly

This month I watched M. Butterfly, which is the only film directed by David Cronenberg that I had yet to see. René Gallimard (Jeremy Irons) is a French diplomat stationed in Beijing, China during the 1960s. René meets and falls in love with Chinese opera singer Song Liling (John Lone). The affair lasts for many years, with René […]

Blindspot 2017: Canada 150: The Barbarian Invasions

The month I delved into The Barbarian Invasions, Denys Arcand’s Oscar-winning follow-up to 1986’s The Decline of the American Empire. Seventeen years after his womanizing ways brought an end to his marriage with Louise (Dorothée Berryman), Rémy (Rémy Girard) is terminally ill with cancer and bedridden in hospital. This results in Rémy’s estranged son Sébastien (Stéphane Rousseau) to […]

Blindspot: Canada 150: The Saddest Music in the World

Sorry for being a bit late for this month’s Blindspot entry, which takes a look at Guy Maddin’s 2003 musical comedy The Saddest Music in the World. Set in Winnipeg during The Great Depression, baroness Helen Port-Huntley (Isabella Rossellini) announces an international competition to find the saddest music in the world. Eager to join is failing […]

Blindspot 2017: Canada 150: Laurence Anyways

This month I look at what is arguably the breakthrough film for up-and-coming Quebecois filmmaker Xavier Dolan. Laurence Alia (Melvil Poupaud) is a Montreal novelist and literature teacher, who’s in a passionate relationship with Fred Belair (Suzanne Clément). One day on her birthday, Laurence reveals to Fred that she is a transgender woman, who no longer wants […]

Blindspot 2017: Canada 150: The Sweet Hereafter

It is time for me to kick off the 2017 edition of the Blindspot Series, where I will watch films from Canada’s top filmmakers in celebration of the country’s 150th anniversary. First up is Atom Egoyan’s award winning 1997 drama The Sweet Hereafter. A small town is reeling after a tragic school bus accident that […]

Blindspot 2016: Classic Horror: The Hound of the Baskervilles

I conclude my yearlong exploration of classic horror with Hammer Films 1959 adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles. Following the death of Sir Charles Baskerville, Dr. Richard Mortimer (Francis de Wolff) seeks the assistance of Sherlock Holmes (Peter Cushing) to protect the remaining Baskerville heir Sir Henry (Christopher Lee) from the apparent curse placed upon the […]

Blindspot 2016: Classic Horror: The Curse of Frankenstein

I’m continuing with Hammer Films this month, as I look at their version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. After inheriting his family’s wealth, Victor Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) uses the money to fund his research, assisted by his longtime friend and tutor Paul Krempe (Robert Urquhart). However, Paul becomes increasingly concerned when Victor becomes obsessed with creating a new […]