Blindspot: Tootsie

The classic comedy Tootsie barely missed the cut for inclusion in my Revisiting 1982 series (next edition of that coming up tonight), but I thought I would see the film anyway as this month’s blindspot film, especially since the film will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in about a month.  I always knew Tootsie as […]

Blindspot: The Exorcist

If there was a horror film that I was apprehensive about seeing, it was The Exorcist.  You could partially attribute this to the fact that I’m a practicing Catholic and don’t believe that the subject of demonic possession and exorcisms should be treated lightly.  However, as I’ve seen other horror films about exorcism in recent […]

Blindspot: A Serious Man

For this month’s blindspot film, I am choosing a release that is only three years old.  I highly regretted missing out on the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man when it was released in 2009, especially after the film went on to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.  I suppose that I missed out on […]

Blindspot: Full Metal Jacket

It was actually a pretty good month for seeing films for the first time and there are at least three films I could have written about today.  I’ve decided to go with the film that is freshest in my mind, which is probably also the most acclaimed the three.  That film would be Stanley Kubrick’s […]

Blindspot: The Silence of the Lambs

It’s a very serendipitous blindspot pick for me this month, since I just happened to get The Silence of the Lambs on blu-ray, in a 2-for-1 deal, and I thought that it would be a good film to write about this month (the other film in that deal was the blu-ray for Donnie Darko, which will […]

Blindspot: The Terminator

I don’t know what prevented me from seeing The Terminator earlier.  I suppose, like all the films on my ever-growing watchlist, it was a combination of a lack of availability and a lack of time.  I’m not usually one to buy DVDs of films I haven’t seen unless they are sale (and indeed that is how […]

Blindspot: Bad Boys

It’s the summer movie season, so why not use the blindspot series to catch up with some mindless popcorn flicks?  Since Men in Black III was just released last weekend, I figured that I would hit the rewind button and check out the film that fully transitioned Will Smith from a sitcom star/rapper to a full […]

Blindspot: Bottle Rocket

Here is my first post for the Blindspot series, in which I will finally get around to seeing the films that I have been really meaning to see. Wes Anderson is definitely one of the most quirky and interesting independent directors to surface in the last 15 years or so.  I’ve seen nearly every one […]