Blindspot: The Terminator

I don’t know what prevented me from seeing The Terminator earlier.  I suppose, like all the films on my ever-growing watchlist, it was a combination of a lack of availability and a lack of time.  I’m not usually one to buy DVDs of films I haven’t seen unless they are sale (and indeed that is how […]

Blindspot: Bad Boys

It’s the summer movie season, so why not use the blindspot series to catch up with some mindless popcorn flicks?  Since Men in Black III was just released last weekend, I figured that I would hit the rewind button and check out the film that fully transitioned Will Smith from a sitcom star/rapper to a full […]

Blindspot: Bottle Rocket

Here is my first post for the Blindspot series, in which I will finally get around to seeing the films that I have been really meaning to see. Wes Anderson is definitely one of the most quirky and interesting independent directors to surface in the last 15 years or so.  I’ve seen nearly every one […]