Film Festival Report – Revolver

Well, Revolver really turned out to be a slightly different film than I thought it was going to be. It takes a bit of a confusing turn halfway throught, and it becomes more than just a gangster film. Either way, I liked it and I think Guy Ritchie was bold for making such a thought-provoking […]

Toronto Film Festival – A Personal History

I thought it would be fun to recall my past experiences with the film festival, before I go see “Revolver” tommorow. Film Festival FreshmanOK, in 2003 I promised myself that I was going to go to the film festival. However, I was a little naive to how the system works. I went down to the […]

Well got my film festival ticket….

….and it was NONE of the films I mentioned in my last post. As a last minute pick, I chose to see, Guy Ritchie’s new film, Revolver. The screening is Monday afternoon and I will try to do some sort of report on Monday evening.

Movies of the Moment – Toronto Film Festival Edition

OK, in this edition of Movies of the Moment, my movie comments will be about select films playing at the Toronto Film Festival, which starts next Thursday. Lets go. The 30th Annual Toronto Film FestivalThe Toronto Film Festival has WAY too many films for me to comment on them all. These are a selection of […]

The Film Festival, it is a-coming

The Toronto International Film Festival, which starts on September 8, is second only to the Oscars as the biggest movie event of the year for me. This year’s film festival will be the 3rd I will be attending. Two years ago, I went to the festival to see School of Rock a month before it […]