TIFF11: Wrap-Up

Here is my final wrap-up for the 2011 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival.  This was definitely my most busy film festival, with me seeing a grand total of 26 films over the 11 days.  I was actually so busy this year that I feel that might actually scale back my festival experience a […]

TIFF11: Day 9-11 Round-Up

Q&A for i am a good person/i am a bad person and Hidden Driveway The final weekend of the Toronto International Film Festival is typically a slow one.  Most of the red carpet premieres are over, many of the guests have gone home, and all that is left is the films. One of my favourite aspects […]

TIFF11: Day 7 & 8 Round-Up

The Day Q&A The last two days of the Toronto International Film Festival were probably my busiest of the entire week.  Within a 48 hour people, I saw about seven films, including my second Midnight Madness screening – the world premiere of The Day. There’s a lot of films to cover, so I should move straight […]

TIFF11: Day 6 Round-Up

Hard Core Logo II Q&A Day 6 marks the beginning of the second half of the Toronto International Film Festival.  It also marks the beginning of my busiest time at the festival, with me seeing no less than three films, including the film I pegged as my top pick for the festival – Hard Core Logo […]

TIFF11: Day 4 & 5 Round-Up

Bruce Sinofsky and Joe Berlinger during the Paradise Lost 3 Q&A The last couple of days were probably my slowest of the entire festival.  Since my volunteer shifts over the weekend limited my free time, I only saw one film each over the last two days.  However, I can confidently say that one of those films […]

TIFF11: Day 2 & 3 Round-Up

We Need to Talk About Kevin Q&A It was a very busy couple of days, as my festival experience officially took off.  I saw four films since my last report, including my first of two Midnight Madness screenings last night (which I am still recovering from). Without further ado, here is my thoughts on the films […]

TIFF11: Day 1 Round-Up

Werner Herzog on Stage My first day of TIFF11 considered of two back-to-back screening at the Ryerson Theatre (one of my favourite TIFF venues).  It didn’t have the glitz and glamour of the galas, but it was probably more enjoyable. Here are my thoughts on the films. Into the Abyss One news-making item of this […]

TIFF11: Venues TTC Chart

A few days ago, a handy chart detailing the distances and walking times between TIFF venues was posted on the official Midnight Madness blog.  Being a big user of the TTC, I decided to adapt the chart to say the number of subway stops it is between venues. Many of the main festival locations are […]

TIFF11: It Has Begun…

Today is the first day of the Toronto International Film Festival!  Today is going to be rather quiet day for me, since the public screenings do not begin until around 6:00pm and I will only be seeing two films this evening.  However, beginning tomorrow, a combination of screenings, volunteer shifts, and a film editing class I’m starting […]

TIFF11: The Celebrity Factor

Chris Sparling, Rodrigo Cortés, and Ryan Reynoldsduring the Buried Q&A at TIFF10. It’s only one more day until the Toronto International Film Festival.  As I previously described, I will be seeing a whopping 25 films spread out over the course of the 11 days of the festival. Of those, 9 will be premiere screenings. As such, I thought […]