Canada’s Top Ten: My Thoughts on Take This Waltz

For my final film of Canada’s Top Ten, I saw this quirky romantic comedy directed by Sarah Polley.  One thing that stands out for this film right away is that even though it’s a Canadian film that takes place in Toronto, it features a very well-known cast of both Canadian and American actors, including Michelle […]

Canada’s Top Ten: My Thoughts on Café de Flore

Last night I saw a film at Canada’s Top Ten that I can probably say will end up being the best of the films that I have seen. Café de Flore tells two stories.  The first story, set in present day Montreal, is about a love triangle of sorts in which a DJ named Antoine (Kevin Parent) […]

Canada’s Top Ten: My Thoughts on A Dangerous Method

I’m started to head into the cream of the crop of the Canada’s Top Ten selection.  A Dangerous Method is of course the latest film by David Cronenberg.  The very fact that the film is directed Cronenberg might affect the opinions of some from an auteuristic point of view.  On it’s the own, I thought that […]

Canada’s Top Ten: My Thoughts on Edwin Boyd

The second film I saw at Canada’s Top Ten also happened to be the film that won Best Canadian Film at the last film festival. Edwin Boyd is a film that tells the story of the notorious Canadian bank robber of the same name.  The film tells how Edwin Boyd (played by Scott Speedman) got into […]

Canada’s Top Ten: My Thoughts on Keyhole

 TIFF’s annual celebration of Canadian Cinema is now well underway and today I saw the first of five films I plan on seeing in the Canada’s Top Ten series – Guy Maddin’s Keyhole. This was only the second of Maddin’s films that I have seen, the other being 2008’s My Winnipeg.  However, it’s definitely obvious […]

Rounding Up Canada’s Top Ten 2011

Last night TIFF announced the films that will part of their yearly celebration of the best in Canadian cinema. I do have to say that it is a very interesting list.  There are some obvious selections, such as David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method and Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz.  However, there are also some surprising choices, […]