Film Board Observations

So, I went to the film board.

The OFRB is pretty much located in the middle of nowhere in the east end of Toronto.  In fact, it’s so obscure that you probably wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking for it.

The film was an independent Canadian film called “Monkey Warfare.”  I’m not going to go into detail much about the plot other than it deals somewhat with anarchy.

So, we sat in a little room that only fills a little over 20 people.  The rating is decided by a panel of 4 people, who look at various components of the film such as violence, language, sexual context, etc.

After the film, we talked about how we would rate the film and we pretty much all came up with the same rating the panel did, which was 14A with descriptors for course language and substance abuse.

Overall it was an interesting experience.