My Thoughts on Wall-E

Even though I missed the film when it came out a couple weeks ago, I finally managed to see Wall-E today.

I would probably compare this film to The Incredibles in the fact that even though it is animated, it stands on its own as a sci-fi adventure in the same way The Incredibles stood on its own as a superhero adventure. The film even features references to past science fiction films, most notably 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The film is also visually spectacular, which is a good thing since the bulk of the dialogue in the film involves synthesized robot sounds (to the point the the film’s sound designer is credited as “voicing” Wall-E).

This film is also notable for incorporating live action scenes, notably in video-messages featuring Fred Willard and inclusion of the film Hello Dolly.

In summary, I would say that Wall-E is not only one of the best animated films this year, but it it is also one of the best films in general. Well done.