TIFF08: Wrap-Up

Another edition of the Toronto International Film Festival has come to a close and not without a little controversy.

I had come across an article yesterday asking whether the film festival has become too elitist. The article features quotes such as “if you’re not a donor or in media or someone important, it’s pretty much impossible (to see a film)” and that “maybe 15 years ago it was (the people’s festival), but it’s evolved over the years.”

I kind of feel sad that some people in the public feel this way, since it’s not entirely true. It is true that seats are reserved, but they never eat into the tickets that are sold to the public (in fact, if not all the reserved seats are needed, they go back on sale). Also the media does NOT have priority access to public screenings (galas included). That’s what the Press and Industry screenings are for. P&I people need a ticket just like everyone else.

Now that’s out of the way let’s move on to the wrap-up:

Top Three Favourite Films

  1. The Wrestler
  2. Pontypool
  3. Fifty Dead Men Walking

Honourable Mentions

Favourite Festival Moment

Final Number of Films Seen

  • 9 (8 ticketed, 1 while working in the theatre)

Programme Tally

  • Special Presentations – 3
  • Canada First – 1
  • Gala Presentations – 1
  • Masters – 1
  • Midnight Madness – 1
  • Reel to Real – 1
  • Vanguard – 1

Theatre Tally

  • Ryerson Theatre – 4
  • AMC Young & Dundas – 2
  • Varsity Cinemas – 2
  • Scotiabank Cinemas – 1

And that ends my coverage of the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. Tomorrow, I will resume my normal daily posts.