Box Office Thoughts for the Weekend of November 28, 2008

The grosses for this week vary slightly depending whether you are counting the normal three day weekend or the five day Thanksgiving weekend.

Since I don’t live in the U.S., I will be looking at the three-day totals, for the five day totals, click here.

Four Christmases topped the box office with an estimated gross of $31.7M. Last week’s top film, Twilight dropped to third place with an estimated $26.4M, while Bolt moved up one to second with an estimated $26.6M.

Australia opened in fifth place, with an estimated $14.8M. This is a bit surprising, since I would have expected it to open a bit higher.

Transporter 3 opened in seventh with an estimated $7.3M, and, even though it opened in a limited release of 36 screens, Milk opened in tenth place with an estimated $1.4M.

And that’s the box office thoughts for the week.