My Thoughts on The Bourne Legacy

While most would automatically assume The Bourne Legacy is a reboot of the Bourne franchise, it is more a side-story that takes place during and after the events of The Bourne Ultimatum.

It turns out that Jason Bourne and the Treadstone and Blackbriar programs that created him were just a small peace of a larger network of assassin breeding programs.  One of these programs, named Outcome, gets at risk at being caught in the media frenzy over Jason Bourne and the program head Eric Byer (Edward Norton) begins shutting down the program and eliminating the agents.  One agent, Alex Cross (Jeremy Renner) survives and is now on the run.

The Bourne Legacy definitely takes its time with the plot and the first hour of the film might be more slow and dialogue-heavy than what people are expecting in a film like this.  However, the action picks up in the second half and I overall found that I enjoyed the film.

If there’s a major complaint I have with the film, it’s that it’s very obviously setting up for a sequel.  I was actually mildly disappointed when that Moby song went on and the credits began to role.  I’m sure the next film will have bigger and better things.

However, I will still give The Bourne Legacy a pass.