Canadian Screen Awards 2016 Nominee Refresh (Updated: 03/13)

CanadianScreenAwards 1

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Canadian Screen Week, which will consist of multiple events leading up to Canadian Screen Awards broadcast gala in a week’s time. This will be my first year providing full coverage of the Canadian Screen Awards and I will make various posts throughout the week. I thought that I would start off by linking to reviews of the nominated films that I have seen.

Best Motion Picture Nominees

Other Nominated Films
Admittedly, this isn’t a very complete list, with me having seen less than half of the Best Picture nominees. However, I also believe that I have seen the films that count, so I should be able to make an educated decision when it comes to making my predictions, even though I will make an effort to see at least one additional nominated film. Since most of the 132 awards will be presented at non-televised ceremonies throughout the week, I will make sure to provide periodic updates, before I make my final predictions for the televised gala a week from today.
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