Toronto After Dark 2019

My eleventh year of attending the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has come to a close. This turned out to be a bit more of a hectic year for me and for the first time since I first became accredited media in 2012, I ended up missing one of theContinue Reading

Here are my thoughts on the films that played as part of the Canadian Shorts After Dark showcase. Alaska (Chris Wilson, Brianna Templeton, Gwynne Phillips 13m) Tom (Chris Wilson) and Paige (Gwynne Phillips) attend a party hosted by their friends Brad (Paul Beer) and Claire (Briana Templeton), which very quicklyContinue Reading

International Shorts After Dark

Here are my thoughts on the films that played as part of the International Shorts After Dark showcase. Bar Fight (Benjamin R. Moody, 4:22min, USA) As he is closing his bar, a bartender has to deal with a group of invaders. As it’s title suggests, Bar Fight is essentially anContinue Reading

A teenage boy begins to suspect that his neighbour has been replaced by a forest-dwelling witch in The Wretched. 17-year-old Ben (John-Paul Howard) travels to stay with his father Liam (Jamison Jones) for the summer, during which he takes a job at the local marina, where he meets Mallory (PiperContinue Reading

A young man has an awkward reunion with his estranged father in Come to Daddy. Norval (Elijah Wood) travels to the middle of nowhere to reunite with his long-estranged father (Stephen McHattie), from whom he has received a letter asking for help. However, things quickly fall off the rails betweenContinue Reading


A group of humans with superhuman abilities are hunted down by the Government organization that created them in Enhanced. Captain George Sheppard (George Tchortov) is the leader of a team tasked with apprehending a group of bioengineered killers, who have escaped from the facility where they were created. One ofContinue Reading


A group of children liberated from a concentration camp find themselves trapped in a mansion surrounded by vicious attack dogs in Werewolf. In February 1945, a group of Jewish children, including Wladek (Kamil Polnisiak), Kraut (Nicolas Przygoda), and Hanka (Sonia Mietielica), are liberated from a Polish concentration camp by RussianContinue Reading


A young woman finds herself held against her will by an obsessive middle-aged woman desperate for a friend in Homewrecker. One day after an exercise class Michelle (Alex Essoe) begins a friendly conversation with Linda (Precious Chong), who recognizes her from the class. Learning that Michelle is an interior decorator,Continue Reading


A family encounters a supernatural evil at a rural farm in 8. In 1977 South Africa, William (Garth Breytenbach) moves to his family’s old farm with his wife Sarah (Inge Beckmann) and orphaned niece Mary (Keita Luna). Soon after arriving, the family encounter Lazarus (Tshamano Sebe), a seemingly kind wanderer,Continue Reading

The Assent

A single father comes to believe that his son may be possessed in The Assent. Joel (Robert Kazinsky) is a widowed man suffering from schizophrenia, who is struggling to raise his young son Mason (Caden Dragomer), while going for regular appointments to his psychiatrist Dr. Maya (Florence Faivre). Joel discoversContinue Reading