Monday Editorial: The Poor Response of Cineplex to COVID-19

UPDATE (Mar 16, 9:30 PM): Since I originally wrote this editorial, Cineplex released a second statement saying that they were going to cease operations until at least April 2. When I first made my statement about the COVID-19 pandemic just a few short days ago, I mentioned that technically cinemas were remaining open. That quickly […]

Monday Editorial: The News Ain’t So Cool Anymore

  Over the weekend, IndieWire reported that Austin-area woman Jasmine Baker has spoken out about an alleged sexual assault that was committed against her by Ain’t It Cool News founder (and Fantastic Fest co-founder) Harry Knowles that occurred at an Alamo Drafthouse event two decades ago. This news comes to light in the middle of a […]

Monday Editorial: Doing What You Love (and Not Getting Paid for It)

It has been nearly thirteen years since I put pen to digital ink and started the film blog that you are reading now. In that time period, I have gone from a unemployed 22 year old with a Computer Programming diploma to an unemployed 35 year old with a Film Studies degree. However, am I […]