DVD Thoughts: Drag Me to Hell – Unrated Director’s Cut

dragmetohell dvdThe first noticeable thing about the DVD for is how both the theatrical and unrated versions both have the exact same running length (you would expect an “unrated” version of a film to be long, since would involve the adding of new scenes).

However, the only real noticeable change is the use of an alternate shot in scene just over half-way through the film.  I'll save the spoilers about just what this scene is, however I feel that the unrated version of this scene is not as effective as the same scene in the theatrical version.  I feel that the scene changed from being tense and to becoming a gory sight gag.

That one scene is the most notable change, though are some other small additions throughout adding a bit more to the gore factor.

On the Special Features side, the DVD features a series of Production Diaries that combine to form 35 minute behind-the-scenes documentary.  I say that it was decent enough, considering how rare special features are becoming on standard DVDs.

In conclusion, I have to say there are both positives and negatives to the unrated cut of the film.  There are some changes I like, however that one scene makes me feel that I should just stick with the theatrical version.  This is definitely a case where an unrated DVD doesn't really add to the film.  Other than that, it's a decent disc.

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