So, today I went to iTunes Movie Trailers to see what I thought was the first trailer for the film Looper, which is the new film directed by Rian Johnson (Brick) and is one of my most anticipated films of the year.

Instead, I got a 50 second vignette of Rian Johnson and star  hyping the film and telling us to come back on Thursday for the debut of the official trailer (apparently there will be additional vignettes on tomorrow and Wednesday).

I like and respect both Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  However, I still consider it a waste of my time to be hyped about a trailer that won't be posted for three days.  iTunes Trailers started this trend of posting “teasers for the trailer” with the first Prometheus trailer, in which case the combine length of the teasers were longer than the trailer itself.  There was another teaser for the trailer posted a couple weeks ago, prior to the release of the Total Recall trailer.  That one was a little more misleading, since it was edited like it was the actual trailer.

I just don't know why that can't just release the trailer normally.  Do we really need a week's worth of hype for a trailer that will be no longer that two and half minute long?  The job of a movie trailer is to get you excited to see a film.  It's a marketing tool.  If the trailer does its job and tells you enough to get you excited for the film, then you don't need any additional hype that will end up telling you the exact same thing that the trailer itself is supposed to say.

I just hope that when the Looper trailer finally shows up on Thrusday, that it will be worth this forced wait.

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