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TransformersRevengeoftheFallenPosterSince I’ve noticed that all I do in this column is reiterate the box office numbers (with little to no actual thoughts), I thought I shall change things around this week by only centering on the top film.

So, this week the BIG winner at the box office was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen which made over $200M during its five day opening weekend (which is about equal to the budget of the film).

Now, people talk about box office records and stuff like that (biggest June opening, second largest five day weekend, etc, etc). However, as great as that sounds, with ever increasing ticket prices, those kind of announcements equal little more than gloating.

For example, the reports are stating that the film had the biggest IMAX opening ever. However, the premium ticket price for IMAX increased in the last few months and they are now three bucks short of $20 each. So, the records have inflation more than people to thank.

However, if anything, this weekend does prove that for better or worse movie critics (who absolutely trashed the film) don’t really have any effect on the movies people want to see.

There is another big five day weekend this week with Public Enemies, so we’ll see what happens with that.

And that’s my (new and improved) box office thoughts for this week.

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