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MadeaGoestoJail PosterWith the Oscars over for another year, it is time to get back into my normal posting routine.

It is perplexing about why 's films always do so well at the box office, which is the case for Madea Goes to Jail, which topped the box office with an estimated gross of $41.1M, despite some less-than-favourable reviews.

Last week's top film Friday the 13th, went down the sixth place with an estimated gross of $7.8M, which probably means that the horror fans already got their fill.

The only other new release was Fired Up, which opened in ninth place with an estimated gross of $6M.

Finally, since I didn't have a Box Office Thoughts last week, I should say that Paul Blart: Mall Cop is now safely past the $100M point (the first film released this year to do so).

And that's the box office thoughts for this week.

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