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As is typical on the eve of the Academy Award nominations, the Razzie Awards released their nominations for the worst of the worst of 2021. Usually, I don't like to give the Razzies the time of the day, since I think it's in poor taste to publicly mock films as bad, even if the whole awards ceremony is done in a tongue-in-cheek parody manner.

However, one category at the 2022 edition of the Razzies that does stick out is the special category of “Worst Performance of Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie.” This category illuminates the sad state of the career of Bruce Willis, who now takes paycheque roles in direct-to-video genre films, with his last live-action theatrical film being 2019's Glass.

Bruce Willis gets the dishonour at getting Razzie nominations for the films American Siege, Apex, Cosmic Sin, Deadlock, Fortress, Midnight in the Switchgrass, Out of Death, and Survive the Game. This VOD-trash of Bruce Willis' career is not unlike the career-trajectory of before the latter was able to reinvent himself somewhat as a midnight movie star. However, given the reputation of Bruce Willis for not being easy to get along with, perhaps getting an entire Razzie category is what he deserves.

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