Check Out Tower at the Royal Cinema

towerposter In about two weeks time, the film , directed by Kazik Radwanski, will be opening for a run at the Royal Cinema in downtown Toronto.  I previously saw the film when played at TIFF last September and I received great feedback on my interpretation of the film, most notably from Radwanski himself.  I viewed the film as being one of the most genuine and unbiased portrayals of Asperger's Syndrome (albeit unintentional) that I have seen on screen.  As someone who has been diagnosed with Asperger's for about five years now, I related strongly with the film's main character of Derek and the way he interacted with the world, whether it involved his career, relationships, random encounters on the street, or his obsession with racoons in the backyard.  The film ended being one of my favourite films of the festival (I ranked it third) and I highly recommend checking it out. Here is the trailer for the film:
The film will be screening at the Royal Cinema beginning on February 22. Check the website for showtimes.  In addition, the earlier short films of Kazik Radwanski will be playing at the Royal this Wednesday, February 13 at 7:00pm.

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