Check This Out: Destination: Rad-City Trailer

radcity You might recall that a few months ago, I posted a review for a film entitled Beneath, which was directed by friend and York University classmate David Hollands.  Well, I thought that I would spread the word on his latest film, which is entitled Destination: Rad-City.  Written and co-directed by Boris Godzinevski, Destination: Rad-City is a homage to everything 1980s.  The plot, as revealed in the new trailer for the film, revolves around a man obsessed with 1980s culture, who has dreams of hitting big.  While obviously made on the cheap, Destination: Rad-City looks like a fun film filled with big hair, rock and roll, and bench-pressed Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Here is the trailer: More information on can be on the film's website, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

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