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Destination: Rad City screens at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto on October 25

RadCity Back in early 2013, I posted the first teaser trailer for a film called .  The film is co-directed by my university friend David Hollands and his friend (and the film's writer/star) Boris Godzinevski.  Nearly two years after I posted that first trailer, the film is set to screen October 23 & 27 at the Gem Theatre in Keswick, Ontario and October 25 at the Carlton Cinema here in Toronto. As a DIY Canadian production, I think that it's a great thing that Destination: Rad City will be receiving public screenings and I hope that they get decent turn outs.  I remember that it was back in the summer of 2012 when I went to a private screening of Hollands' horror film Beneath, which never ended up receiving a public screeing (the film has since been made available for streaming on YouTube). So, in contrast, I think that it is a great thing that people will get a chance to see Destination: Rad City. Despite the fact that I will probably be quite tired, following the conclusion of Toronto After Dark the night before, I have already ordered myself a ticket for the film's screening at the Carlton on October 25, 2014 at 11:30 pm. I thought that I would make this post to help encourage people to support independently-made Canadian films and check out the screening.  Tickets for the Toronto screening of Destination: Rad City can be ordered from the Carlton Cinema website.  More information on the film (and tickets to the Keswick screenings) can be found at Here is the final trailer for the film:

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