Movies News Worth Sharing: Topher Grace Threats, Shocking Trailers for The Nun, MoviePass Downfall


Taking some R&R for the next few days, but first a few of the latest movie news headlines.

  • It is being reported that actor Topher Grace had to contact police after receiving a threatening phone call in reaction to Grace's role of KKK leader David Duke in 's BlackKkKlansman. The caller reportedly told Grace that his role as Duke would “ruin race relations in America.”
  • YouTube has pulled the trailer for the upcoming horror film The Nun for violated the streaming site's “shocking content” policy. The trailer reported makes it appear like there is a problem with the volume, before featuring a very shocking jump scare.  is a spin-off featuring the villain from The Conjuring 2 and is set to open on September 7.
  • The fall of MoviePass continues as it is now being reported that cancellation is no longer an option for subscribers and that accounts are being automatically renewed, in some cases, even if they were previously deleted. On the plus side, competing theatrical subscription services such as Sinemia still seem to be doing fine.
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