Asteroid City Movie Trailer

Trailer – Asteroid City

The first trailer has dropped for , the latest film by director Wes Anderson. Wes Anderson's films have long since settled into a familiar formula, and stylistically Asteroid City looks reminiscent of Anderson's output from the last decade, including Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The French Dispatch. The Asteroid City trailer features many familiar faces returning from Wes Anderson's previous films, including lead , and . However, plenty of Wes Anderson newbies are present, including , , , and . Notably absent is longtime collaborator , who reportedly had to drop out of the film after contracting COVID, making this the first Wes Anderson film Bill Murray doesn't appear in since their first collaboration Rushmore back in 1998. Plotwise, Wes Anderson looks to be going in a quirky sci-fi direction with Asteroid City. Hopefully, more specifics about the film will be revealed before its release in June.

Watch the Trailer for Asteroid City

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