fantasticfour A teaser trailer has arrived for the new reboot of The Fantastic Four, which is directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle).  I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a hater of the, now decade-old, previous film adaptation of Fantastic Four, which I thought had a certain charm to it (and featured before he was Captain America).  However, this new take on the superhero team really looks to be quite impressive.  Perhaps this is just a case of good trailer editing, but this new Fantastic Four looks to have a much more darker and serious tone than the previous films, which includes a much better looking (and presumably CGI) version of The Thing.  I’m not sure yet what to think of the film’s younger cast, which includes , Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell.  However, my interest in the film has definitely peaked and I’ll probably check out the film when it opens on August 7.

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