horns Coming out this Halloween, grows horns in this adaptation of the novel by Joe Hill (aka Stephen King’s son).  Directed by Alexandre Aja (Haute tension), Horns is an interesting role for Radcliffe to take, as he continues to branch out in his post-Harry Potter career.  Watching the new trailer for the film, I do have to admit that it is a bit jarring hearing Radcliffe speak in an American accent, since I’m so used to his normal British accent.  While Horns can be easily assumed to be a horror story, the trailer makes it quite apparent that there is just as much dark humour in the story.  Of course, Radcliffe’s character also gets friendly with a snake and pitchfork, which is a big hint at where this story ends up.  Either way, I’m quite sold on Horns, which will make for some fine Halloween viewing.

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